Talking About COPD Effectively

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It began with your inner circle, those closest to you, and has gradually been spreading outward to good friends and acquaintances. Revealing your COPD diagnosis and knowing how to respond to the various questions that arise about it may be uncomfortable – for you, and for those you are speaking with as well. Interestingly, you may find that the biggest challenges come in talking about COPD with your primary caregiving partner – the individual who is closest to you. The caregiver/care receiver relationship can bring up a number of emotions. The person on the receiving end of care may feel insecure [...]

Safely Manage Dementia and Aggression Using the 6 R’s

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Of the many challenging behaviors typical in dementia, possibly the most complicated to manage is aggression. A senior who has always been mild-mannered can abruptly lash out in outbursts which are truly terrifying: hitting, cursing, kicking, yelling, biting, or throwing things. How can you, as a family care provider, safely help reestablish a sense of calm when managing dementia and aggression? To start with, remind yourself that the aggression is a result of the disease. It’s not something the senior can control, and it is not deliberate. That being said, it must be diffused in order to keep both you and [...]

Be the Best Family Caregiver for Someone with a New Diagnosis

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It may have been suspected or perhaps broadsided you out of nowhere. Mom has just received the official diagnosis for a progressive disease that is going to make independent life difficult. While there are numerous unknowns, one thing is for sure: she is adamant about remaining at home – meaning you will have some decisions to make about how to provide for the care she’ll need. Welcome to the world of family caregiving! If you’re feeling a bit stressed with what to expect next in your new role as family caregiver, these recommendations can certainly help. Learn as much as you [...]

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