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How to Stay Connected While Staying Healthy

By |2021-08-10T16:26:58-04:00August 3rd, 2020|COVID-19|

Staying connected with your senior loved one is a challenge, even in the best of times. In the current crisis, older adults, especially seniors with underlying conditions, are at a higher risk for COVID-19 and can develop serious complications. Here are options that allow you to stay connected with your senior without physical contact and still keep everyone around you safe.

Why is “Social Distancing” So Important for Seniors?

By |2021-08-10T17:01:19-04:00April 6th, 2020|Safe Practices|

Under ordinary circumstances, elderly individuals who live independently are encouraged to stay socially active because it provides them with many health benefits. However, Americans of all ages are currently at risk for being exposed to coronavirus, or “COVID-19”. For that reason, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have released preventative guidelines, including the practice of “social distancing”.

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