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Home Care for Parkinson’s Disease Patients

The Challenges of Living with Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is a progessive condition that often begins with minor hand tremors then advances into difficulty speaking and moving, amnesia, trouble swallowing, jaw stiffness and other debilitating symptoms. Providing long-term care in the home setting that addresses the specific needs of patients affected by this condition can significantly enhance their quality of life.

Our trained caregivers can provide vital support to patients with Parkinson’s Disease in the following areas:


Helping patients maintain a healthy diet by helping prepare and serve nutritious meals and, where necessary, assisting patients with feeding and cleaning up afterwards.

Bathing and Hygiene

Providing assistance and support with bathing and personal hygiene including attention to oral and skin care.


Supporting patients in the process of dressing and undressing to ensure that they are able to maintain their personal dignity and confidence despite the difficulties associated with the gradual worsening of Parkinson’s Disease.


Ensuring regular personal grooming in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes nail clipping, hair care, and facial grooming.


Helping patients maintain a regular regime of mobility through daily walks or exercise routines maintaining mobility, balance, and flexibility.

Home Safety

Our home caregivers can perform regular formal and informal examinations of the home physical environment to ensure safe mobility inside or outside the home.


Parkinson’s Disease can make it difficult to perform basic personal sanitary activities alone. Our caregivers can patiently offer support with toileting and continence care including the emptying of catheter drainage bags and safely changing adult diapers.

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