Charter Home Health

Direct Support for Discharged Patients

Charter Home Health aims to provide full support for patients recently discharged (or about to be discharged) from a hospital or another resedential facility such as a nursing home. Our goal is to ensure that the transition to long-term care in the home setting is as smooth as possible and to help patients and their loved ones enjoy as much time as possible in the home setting.
Ensuring that patients are able to successfully transition to care in the home setting and avoid unnecessary hospital readmissions, the following are vital:

Right Fit

Finding the right caregivers for patients by arranging as many meet and greets as needed


Ensuring that each patient is assigned a care coordinator who is responsible for all aspects of care and can be reached each day


Maintaining an on-call team available after hours and weekends to deal with emergency coverage issues

Focus on Quality

A team of qualified skilled nurses who make rounds, and train caregivers based on specific needs of individual patients

Providing Quality In-Home Care for Southeast Pennsylvania & North Jersey

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