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Home Care for Diabetes Patients

Patients diagnosed with diabetes are at very high risk for blindness, nerve damage, kidney disease, and other medical complications. Our caregivers can provide patients with the vital additional home care support required to effectively manage this disease and allow them to lead quality lives in the home setting.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic disease that includes symptoms such as frequent urination, thirst, persistent hunger, blurry vision, and tingling in the hands and feet. It occurs when the pancreas can no longer make insulin or when the body stops making good use of the insulin it does produce.

Home Care Management of Diabetes

Our caregivers can play an important role in helping patients manage this condition by:
  • Providing guidance on a healthy diet and appropriate foods
  • Helping to track and document patients’ blood sugar levels
  • Preparing healthy meals
  • Observing patients and remaining vigiliant about diabetic symptoms
  • Reminding patients to time insulin shots per medical orders


American Assn of Diabetes Educators
American Diabetes Association
American Dietetic Association
National Institute of Diabetes
Neuropathy Association
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