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Laundry & Housekeeping

The health and wellness of patients in the long-term, home bound patients is enhanced by the availability of services that lighten their daily burden including periodic grocery shopping, brief, local errands, meal preparation, and laundry services.

Critically, caregivers can play an important role in ensuring that living spaces are as decluttered as possible.

Fall Prevention

Light housekeeping may include:

  • Clearing up after meals
  • Sanitizing commonly used surfaces
  • Cleaning sink, bathtub and washing facilities
  • Mopping and vacuuming floors surfaces
  • Changing bed sheets and linens
  • Removing clutter and unneeded objects
  • Laundry using washing machines and dryers
  • Taking out trash

Grocery shopping

Access to a variety of fresh, nutritious foods on a regular basis

Meal preparation

Preparation of cooked food and cleaning up afterwards

Running errands

Brief and local tasks such as prescription pickups and doctor visits.

Light housekeeping and decluttering.

Washing and drying of clothes and bedding with the use of appropriate machines and equipment

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