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Talking About COPD Effectively

By |2022-10-26T13:51:11-04:00November 29th, 2021|Family Caregivers, Senior Health|

It began with your inner circle, those closest to you, and has gradually been spreading outward to good friends and acquaintances. Revealing your COPD diagnosis and knowing how to respond to the various questions that arise about it may be uncomfortable – for you, and for those you are speaking with as well. Interestingly, you may find that the biggest challenges come in talking about COPD with your primary caregiving partner – the individual who is closest to you. The caregiver/care receiver relationship can bring up a number of emotions. The person on the receiving end of care may feel insecure [...]

Be the Best Family Caregiver for Someone with a New Diagnosis

By |2022-10-26T13:51:12-04:00November 4th, 2021|Family Caregivers, Senior Health|

It may have been suspected or perhaps broadsided you out of nowhere. Mom has just received the official diagnosis for a progressive disease that is going to make independent life difficult. While there are numerous unknowns, one thing is for sure: she is adamant about remaining at home – meaning you will have some decisions to make about how to provide for the care she’ll need. Welcome to the world of family caregiving! If you’re feeling a bit stressed with what to expect next in your new role as family caregiver, these recommendations can certainly help. Learn as much as you [...]

Living Longer with Purpose – The Connection Between the Two

By |2022-10-26T13:51:13-04:00October 26th, 2021|Aging at Home, Family Caregivers, Quality of Life, Senior Health, Senior Issues|

What inspires you to get up out of bed every day? The answer is different for every one of us, of course, however, there is one commonality: it may help you with living a longer life. Research is showing us that having a sense of purpose is an integral factor in longevity, something shown in Japan – the country with the highest life expectancy on earth. Remarkably, there is no word for our definition of “retirement” in the Japanese language. Instead, there is a concentration on maintaining purpose and meaning beyond a person’s working years and defining themselves according to their [...]

The Emotion You May Not Have Expected in Caring for Aging Parents

By |2022-10-26T13:51:16-04:00September 1st, 2021|Aging at Home, Caregiver Wellness, Family Caregivers|

Caring for aging parents brings about a variety of emotions. If you were to name the top 5 emotions you experience while caring for aging parents, what would they be? Maybe you would first think of emotions like love, compassion, and sometimes, even stress or frustration. Would anger make the list? In many cases, though family caregivers may not wish to disclose it, the answer is a definite YES. The truth is that lots of adult children grapple with the reality that their parents are getting older. Growing up, our parents might have exuded strength, health, and control, giving us an underlying [...]

Avoiding Elderspeak When Talking To Older Adults

By |2022-10-26T13:51:16-04:00August 18th, 2021|Caregiver Wellness, Family Caregivers, Quality of Life, Senior Issues|

Watch what happens at your next family gathering when a brand new mom places her infant in someone else's arms. The person is likely to transition immediately into baby mode: a sing-song, high-pitched voice, exaggerated facial expressions, and overly-simplified speech. Of course, this is perfectly normal and actually beneficial to an infant’s growing brain. Hopefully, when that infant's great-grandfather enters the room, loved ones refrain from reacting similarly. However it happens so often, and can be so detrimental to the elderly, that there is a word to describe this way of talking to older adults: elderspeak.  A recent research study by [...]

Talking To Your Doctor About A Dementia Diagnosis

By |2022-10-26T13:51:17-04:00August 10th, 2021|Dementia Care, Family Caregivers|

Distress. Fear. Embarrassment. The feelings surrounding  discussing a dementia diagnosis with a doctor can cause older adults to keep their suspicions to themselves. A recently available AARP survey peeled away a few of the layers of emotion to get to the reason – namely, worry over losing independence and becoming a problem to others. While there is some truth to those fears, there are also some misconceptions fueling them. For instance, virtually half of the participants, who were adults age 40 and over, believe they are more likely to get dementia as they get older. The reality is that just over [...]

Why Proper Medicine Storage is Essential

By |2022-10-26T13:51:24-04:00March 16th, 2020|Family Caregivers|

Your elderly father lives alone, and the last few times you’ve been over to his house there were medicine bottles strewn all over the bathroom vanity. Not only is it unsafe, you’re pretty sure that some of dad’s meds have special storage requirements. But whenever you’ve tried to talk to him about implementing a better medicine storage system, dad just mumbles under his breath and walks away. What should you do?

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