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Charter Home Health’s caregivers in North Arlington, NJ are dedicated to helping local residents continue to live safely and independently at home. Seniors and those with disabilities or chronic conditions shouldn’t have to give up their autonomy—and our caregivers are here to help them keep it. With our caregivers in your home, you’ll always have someone nearby to provide assistance, companionship, and emotional support. 

Charter Home Health is fully licensed by the State of New Jersey, and our caregivers are carefully selected for their dedication and expertise. If you want exceptional care from highly qualified caregivers, contact us today. 


Our Home Care Services

Our caregivers in North Arlington, NJ are experienced in providing a wide range of services to enhance the lives of local residents by allowing them to remain at home. Whether your loved one needs overnight monitoring, safety supervision, or assistance with the activities of daily living, our caregivers are prepared to provide it.

The home care services we provide include:  

Types of Homecare We Provide

At Charter Home Health, offering customizable care means differentiating our services to better meet our clients’ needs. This practice allows us to provide your loved one with holistic, person-focused care. 

The different types of home care we provide in North Arlington, NJ include:   

  • Alzheimer’s & dementia care
  • 24-Hour home care
  • Live-in care

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

Sticking to a routine and living in familiar surroundings are common recommendations for slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Though these degenerative conditions can make it unsafe for your loved one to live at home alone, our caregivers are here to help. With their assistance, your loved one will have safety supervision, medication reminders, personal care, and help with daily activities like meal preparation. 

24-Hour Home Care

If your loved one needs assistance throughout the day and night, our 24-hour care may be the answer. Your loved one will receive two to four caregivers for every 24-hour period. One set will work 8 to 12 hours overnight before switching off with the daytime team. 

These services are billed at an hourly rate.

Live-In Care

Live-in care services are ideal for individuals who need continuous help and personal care throughout the day, such as those with chronic conditions or physical disabilities. One of our caregivers will reside with you and provide care for 16 hours a day, with an 8-hour sleeping break. 

These services require clients to provide caregivers with a dedicated sleeping area and access to hygiene facilities. Live-in care is billed at a flat daily rate.

What Sets Charter Home Health Apart

At Charter Home Health in North Arlington, NJ, our goal is to deliver care that provides peace of mind and makes your days easier. To help reinforce that goal, we offer a set of specialized services to ensure we’re always there when you need us most.

These specialized services include:  

  • Having the right caregiver for your particular needs
  • Accessing care when you need it 
  • Emergency coverage team available 24/7

We Help You Find the Right Caregiver

Our caregivers in North Arlington, NJ are personable and impart care with a friendly, compassionate attitude. To help you get to know them and begin building trust, we arrange meet-and-greets before your care begins. This practice helps create a healthy rapport between you and your caregivers. 

You Can Reach Your Caregiver Every Day

At Charter Home Health, care means any action we take to ensure your well-being and give you peace of mind. That’s why our care coordination team is available outside the hours of your care to add, reschedule or cancel shifts, adjust your care plan, or answer urgent questions. We’re always just a phone call away.  

We Have an On-Call Team For Emergencies

We understand the importance of receiving care as scheduled, and our caregivers are among the most reliable available. However, personal emergencies may occasionally prevent your caregiver from making it to their shift. If this happens, our care coordination team will quickly schedule a new caregiver to cover your hours so there’s never a gap in your care.

We Train Caregivers to Meet Your Specific Needs

At Charter Home Health in North Arlington, NJ, we know the highest standard of care comes from well-trained and supported caregivers. We meet this need by creating multidisciplinary care coordination teams that not only support our caregiver but can also answer your questions and help ensure you’re receiving the best care.

Our care coordination teams include: 

  • ​Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Home Health Aides
  • In-Home Caregivers

Get Started with Charter Home Health

Charter Home Health in North Arlington, NJ was established to foster the health, safety, and well-being of local residents as they age in place. With our assistance, your loved one can continue to enjoy a familiar routine, remain close to friends and family, and retain their autonomy at home. 

Is it becoming increasingly difficult to remain at home without assistance? Contact Charter Home Health today. Our caregivers can provide the support you need.

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